Who Are My Spirit Guides?

Here are some ways to help you identify your spirit guides. You can learn over time to listen to your spirit guides during difficult times of life. Some people can make the mistake of thinking they are listening to their intuition, when they are actually getting messages from their spirit guides. You can have many spirit guides. Some may be assigned to your soul before you enter into the physical world. Some spirit guides choose to help you during times of need or difficult decisions. Some spirit guides will be with you for a short time, some are around you for life. You may or may not know who your spirit guides are – some may be relatives who have passed, others can just be energies that have an affinity for you. When you get into a higher conscious state, you can learn to listen to your spirit guides.

How Can I Communicate With Spirit Guides? Do I have Spirit Guides?

Spirit guides are positive and spiritual entities helping to guide your path. Spirit guides are around you to teach you a spiritual lesson and/or help you through difficult times of life. It is thought they can leave signs from the other side. If you see a sign, it may be from a crossed over loved on, or it may be a spirit guides trying to guide you in the right direction or give you hope. Butterflies, rainbows, cardinals, pennies – can all be symbols from a crossed loved one or your spirit guides.

If you think you see a psychic symbol, be sure to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to your surroundings. There may be more than just the message of “I’m here” when you see a psychic symbol. There can be a message of guidance. Guiding messages are more of a spirit guide message. “Hello” and “I love you” and “think of me” messages are more messages from a crossed loved one.

Get to Know Your Spirit Guides

Messages from crossed over loved ones tend to be more personal. For instance, something that makes you immediately think of that loved one. A smell, a breeze, a song or an item can all be signs that a loved one who has crossed is near.

Journal as much as possible so you can start to see patterns. If you need help, we have many readers who love to help clients with spirit guides.